"The Master’s Module" is an adaptation of my private client experience. This journey is for those who are ready to step into or consciously evolve their artistic expression. Together, we’ll create a customized curriculum that meets each individual's needs and the desires of the collective field. This is going to be intimate. No more than six people, including myself. 

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This class is for you if...

  • You are ready to meet and awaken the master within
  • You are ready to be among others who are committed to their personal mastery 
  • You know you are here to use your art for social & planetary change
  • You want to be a part of a growing group of conscious leaders. 
  • You have been consistently walking your path and you feel lost (or stuck, or stagnant, or frustrated)
  • You want accountability from like-minded and diverse peers to up-level your game. 
  • You know you’re supposed to be doing something right now and need a jumpstart to get going in the right direction 
  • You’re clear on your mission and you need a container to get clear on and get going on your next step.

About this Journey

We’ll set our creative goals, none too big or too small. You’ll have access to every my entire tool box to help you move your creative vision forward. And, I’m gonna play too...I’ll be setting  some creative and musical goals right alongside you and share my process along the way. This is an opportunity for us to witness and support each other to rise in our personal and collective mastery. 

In our first session together, we will share what we’re most stoked about learning or creating in our time together. You might want to master looping techniques, song writing, vocal empowerment, recording/studio techniques or something entirely different. What is the thing you’re so passionate about that you need to do right now? What is the thing that you won’t or can’t do with community and accountability?

Because this is such an intimate group, we will be able to have custom exercises and homefun assignments to explore your specific interests and move towards reaching your personal goals.


Class Info


Option 1: Sundays at 3pm PST (begins Feb 21)

Option 2: Thursday at 6pm PST (begins Feb 25)

*meetings are 2 hours long and will be held every other week for 12 weeks


Online via Zoom

Meet your Instructor

Elijah Ray is an international recording artist, vocalist, composer, teacher, and multi-instrumentalist with a professional music career spanning more than 18 years. 

He is best known for his live Band of Light & SoundLight +E-xperiences, where he generates a full band sound using only his voice, a variety of instruments, and his loop pedal setup, aka the Mothership.


Payment Options

Choose the group you wish to join, then choose the payment option that best suites your needs.

In full: $1,111

Monthly Payment Plan: $500 (3 months)

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Add a Private 1:1 Session

Optimize the potential of this container- and what you can glean from it- by adding a private 1:1 session with Elijah Ray. This time can be used to hone, refine, expand and transform.

Add a Private Session for $333


Do I need any equipment to begin?

You do not need anything to begin. Depending on the goals we establish in our first meeting, you will have a clearer vision of what will best support your experience of our journey together!

Is this investment refundable?

This is a non-refundable investment. Please be confident and clear in your commitment to join us, taking the time needed to deeply tune in to the alignment of this opportunity with your current path, before bringing your yes.

Can I join if I’m not a musician?

We will be orbiting around a sonically informed container. That being said, as long as you bring your willingness to evolve your relationship to sound as a technology of healing and service, it is not explicitly necessary that you write or play music.

Can I split this investment with someone else and bring them to the group?

The price is per individual, and may not be divided for multiple participants.

Will these classes be recorded?

Yes, with lifetime access (recordings are dropped in Telegram, downloadable).

What if I can’t be there live?

We highly encourage you to be there live. Of course, things arise in life, and all content will be recorded for you to catch up on if you have to miss a day. We ask that you do not miss more than 1 session within our 12 week period.

So... are you in?

I'm In!